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HSE's Prosecution Policy
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This section of the website looks at different elements of HSE's Prosecution Policy.

How HSE makes Decisions on whether to prosecute
- Evidential Test
- Public Interst Test
- Process of Decision Making
HSE's Review in 2000 of the way it conducts Prosecutions

HSE and the issue of Independent Legal Oversight?
- the Royal Commission on Criminal Procedure
- Inquiry into Customs and Excise
- HSE's Own Internal Review of its Prosecution Policy
- Pilot Project
- April 2004 reforms

Prosecution of Individuals
"Prosecuting" the Crown and its employees: Crown Censures
April 2004 Reforms
Audit by HSE of its enforcement decisions
Prosecution Levels















To read what the Parliamentay Select Committee on Work and Pensions said about resources in its July 2004 report, click here


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